How to Address the Skills Gap

Advancing in your career means improving your skill set through every possible avenue. When we discuss our professional goals around the Denver Connections office, we share strategies for identifying the areas in which we need to improve. Here are a few methods that help us sharpen our skills and make progress in our careers.

Writing things down is typically a good way to organize our thoughts on any topic. It’s an especially productive way to get a handle on what skills we possess and which ones we need to refine. We write down our top strengths and the abilities we think we don’t have.

Once we have the skills we think we lack in writing, we start to make productive connections. In other words, we find experiences from our past that relate to the abilities we want to develop. If we can find closely related talents, we immediately have more confidence to start building up our skill sets.

With a clear picture of how to pursue meaningful self-improvement, we can find the best resources for career growth. We reach out to potential mentors who have the strong points we want to emulate. Once we meet them, we ask insightful questions to understand how they got to where they are. We also take online courses, listen to podcasts, and read industry publications to amplify our education.

We use these strategies to enhance our professional abilities. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook