Why We Believe in Giving Back

Success within our Denver Connections office is obviously one of our top priorities. However, we also recognize the value of sharing our success with others. This is especially true for people and groups in need, so we continually look for different programs that allow us to donate our time or goods to improve people’s lives.

The most obvious benefit of our giveback efforts is the fact that they improve our community in meaningful ways. Yulma, our firm’s President, explained, “It’s inspiring to see the impact we make on worthy causes in our area. The fact that we can even slightly improve the quality of life in our community is something in which we take great pride.”

We also make valuable connections with local leaders and businesspeople as we volunteer. It’s easy to bond with likeminded people, and our giveback events put us in direct contact with individuals who can help our business in a variety of ways. We’ve created lasting friendships and business contacts through our charitable efforts.

Giving back also helps us learn new skills and refine existing abilities. “We often stretch beyond our Denver Connections comfort zones when we engage in philanthropy,” Yulma added. “When we come back to the office, we’re inspired to keep adding to our knowledge bases and skill sets.”

We’re excited to get even more involved in our community in the future. Check out the Denver Connections Newswire for updates on all our giving efforts.