Continual Learning Provides a Foundation for Success

Denver Connections is looking to fill several key positions, which makes the topic of ideal traits a hot one around the office. We’ve decided that work ethic is one of the most vital qualities a candidate can possess, but even more important is a growth-oriented mind-set.

Yulma, Denver Connections’ President, often discusses the value of being a continual learner with us, reminding us that it’s the best way she knows to push past challenges. The rationale is simple: if we are struggling to accomplish a certain goal or task, we obviously need to know more about it. As we gain knowledge, we inevitably find the solutions we seek.

Our commitment to learning prompts us to offer regular training so that we stay current on the latest data and techniques being used in our industry. Through workshops, seminars, and coaching, we ensure that our team members are always on the cutting edge.

We also invest in travel to learn from the best minds in sales and marketing. Cross-training at other high-performing offices, weekend retreats, and national conferences get us around the biggest names in our field and give us the chance to share best practices with leaders from a variety of markets.

When an applicant brings a solid work ethic, an open mind, and a thirst for knowledge with her or him to an interview, we know we’ve found someone who will thrive in our organization. Learn more about the opportunities we have available by liking Denver Connections on Facebook.