Our In-Depth Training Approach

When we add new members to Team Denver Connections, we focus on preparing them for lasting success. Our paid training program is immersive, with coaching from seasoned performers. Yulma, our firm’s President, explained, “Our goal is to equip all new hires with the insights and tools to thrive in a variety of roles.”

We want our people to grow to be their best possible selves as they achieve their highest career aspirations. That’s why we give attention to each team member’s unique strengths as we provide hands-on education in all aspects of our business.

Passing on the lessons learned is another focal point of our Denver Connections training approach. Yulma added, “Our programs allow you to be a student and then become a teacher for anyone who is new to the team. The structure we’ve created for professional development works for anyone who is open to learning.”

Along with sales and marketing fundamentals, we also cover HR tasks throughout our regimen. With the goal of preparing people to someday lead their own successful offices, we offer valuable lessons in interviewing, motivating, and retaining team members. Those who complete our initial training are ready to tackle their career goals with confidence.

Ours is a holistic approach to training that puts motivated people in position to excel. To learn more about how we equip our promotional specialists for long-term success, follow Denver Connections on Twitter.