Mind-Set Adjustments for Accelerated Learning

We know we need to keep learning if we hope to reach our Denver Connections career goals. That’s why we find novel ways to advance our development, including the following mental strategies that allow us to learn new skills and concepts on an accelerated timeline:

Being Positive: We take a positive approach to every new educational challenge we take on around Denver Connections HQ. By embracing our development with enthusiasm, we give ourselves a better chance of retaining key information. We also discuss our efforts with each other to distribute encouragement all around the office.

Taking Things Slowly: Learning is a matter of creating connections within the brain, so we allow plenty of time for that to happen. We don’t rush our efforts to add new skills, because we know slow and steady wins the developmental race. This mental approach also ensures that we follow through with every new educational goal we set.

Being Aware: It’s not enough to establish a learning objective and work toward it; we must monitor our progress as well. The best way to do this is by being observant from one busy day to the next. We make mental and tangible notes of what we learn to create effective steps going forward.

These mental adjustments have made us more efficient in our professional development efforts. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Facebook