The Power of Our Team Nights

“Our team nights are ideal ways to bring our people together away from the office,” stated Yulma, our Denver Connections President. “Not only do we get to relax with our colleagues, we end up learning more about each other on a personal level as well. Grabbing dinner, hanging out at a team member’s house, and going bowling are a few of our favorite group activities.”

Through our ongoing growth, we’ve learned that you have to create and maintain the kind of work culture you want. Yulma added, “We reinforce our supportive atmosphere in a variety of ways. Our frequent team outings are certainly big parts of keeping a fun culture in place. We’ve also made a point of clarifying our core values when we interview potential hires. This is a great way to ensure we bring only the best cultural fits on board.”

Recognizing excellent performance is another way we uphold an inspiring work atmosphere at Denver Connections. Yulma commented, “Culture is learned, so we make sure to highlight the behaviors we want our people to practice from one busy day to the next. Every time we show some type of appreciation for our team members’ hard work, we take another key step toward molding our culture into its ideal form.”

Through our team events and recognition efforts, we’re maintaining a positive work environment. Follow Denver Connections on Twitter for more of our best culture-building tips.