Why Promotions Are Central to Our Ethos

We’ve created an advancement-focused work culture for members of Team Denver Connections. Our many ongoing training options reflect this fact, as does our commitment to merit-based promotions. Yulma, our firm’s President, explained, “Clear paths to career growth allow us to retain our top talent and attract the brightest candidates to our company.”

Perhaps the simplest reason to make career advancement a focal point of our company culture is that it recognizes people’s hard work. Motivation remains at a high level around the Denver Connections office because we know our efforts are appreciated.

Every promotion acts as a source of inspiration for team members to set the bar a bit higher. This is the kind of healthy competition we want to have throughout Denver Connections HQ. Our branding experts encourage each other to elevate their games as they pursue their personal goals. Promoting people based on merit fuels a supportive atmosphere in which people push beyond their current skill sets.

We’ve also found that advancement helps people discover their leadership potential. Yulma remarked, “Every time a driven professional reaches a higher level, he or she is challenged to keep pushing further. As our team members reach their goals, they find and refine talents they never knew they had.”

These are a few key concepts we keep in mind as we promote our top performers. Learn more about our approach to advancement by following Denver Connections onTwitter