Questions to Guide Professional Networking Efforts

Networking has fueled many successes at Denver Connections. Knowing the right people can accelerate almost any project. There are many strategies that can empower anyone to build and maintain strong professional relationships. We are fond of asking a few illustrative questions to help us plan our networking efforts and make the greatest impact.

The starting point of any planning effort should be to identify the most valuable people to meet. As with all business initiatives, networking is best approached with clear goals in mind. Think about your broader strategic objectives and who may be able to support them. Then use this insight to identify either specific people and descriptive personas with which you want to network.

Follow this by seeking to understand those people fully. Whenever we approach a product campaign at Denver Connections, we begin by researching the audience. This can be used when networking too. Understand who the people are and what they care about. This will help you build stronger relationships.

Of course, knowing who you intend to meet is only helpful if you know where to meet them. Think about the events and connectors you can use to build your network. As with other business activities, you need to go where your audience is to achieve success.

These considerations will help you make the most of your efforts to network. Like Denver Connections on Facebook to learn more about this.