Refining Our Networking Skills Through Travel

There are plenty of good reasons for our Denver Connections commitment to business travel, but the fact that we can sharpen our networking skills far from home is one of the best. We venture out to conferences, workshops, retreats, and division meetings to learn from and connect with some of the most successful people in our industry.

We focus on expanding our contact lists every time we represent Denver Connections at any type of business function. Asking lots of questions is one of the best strategies we’ve found for doing so. We keep potential contacts talking about themselves because we learn more about their interests and career goals. Not only does this help us relate better to our new contacts, it also ensures that we stick out in their memories long after the event. Following up with people a day or two after our initial meetings also helps us cement connections.

As we interact with top leaders and listen to inspiring keynote speeches, we gain insight into how people sustain success in other markets. With the information we gather during industry events, we streamline our Denver Connections processes and deliver bigger wins for the people behind the brands we promote. Each trip is a winning proposition for everyone involved with our business.

We’re always looking forward to another team trip. Follow us on Twitter for updates from the road.