The Role of Team Nights in Company Success

Our team-driven culture sets Denver Connections ahead of our competition. We’re a diverse group, with a wide range of skills and perspectives. We’re also quite cohesive, seamlessly fusing our talents to score big achievements for our firm and the businesses in our portfolio.

How do we maintain such a high level of collaboration? We spend time together away from the Denver Connections office. By enjoying ourselves without our day-to-day tasks before us, we can better focus on each other. We strengthen our bonds, which directly impacts our work performance.

According to Mackenzie, our head of human resources, “We usually hang out together after work. It’s great to be among people who care about each other so much. In particular, we all like to go bowling together. We’re competitive, so sport-related activities are always fun.”

Here are a few more perks of our team nights:

” They’re Great for Celebrating: From birthdays to promotions, we celebrate every milestone. Team outings give us chances to express our gratitude for each other.

” They Make New Hires Feel Welcome: When new hires can relax and have fun with their colleagues, they quickly get acclimated to the team.

The benefits of group outings are plentiful. Among other things, they support bonding, facilitate celebration, and welcome people to the firm. Like Denver Connections on Facebook to get the details surrounding our next team-building effort.