Simple Tips for Acing Job Interviews

We’re excited to add new talent to Team Denver Connections as we pursue our ambitious growth goals in 2019. As we evaluate potential hires, we’ll be looking and listening for some clear signs of confidence. Here are a few of the things we want to see and hear as we interview business-minded candidates:

• Positive Body Language: We expect interviewees sit up straight and make strong eye contact as we speak with them. Leaning in slightly to show how engaged they are in the process is always a good idea for candidates as well, as it indicates a genuine interest in the questions they’re asked and the information we provide.

• Memorable Elevator Pitches: When we ask candidates to tell us about themselves, we listen for concise and compelling pitches that explain their unique skills. If it’s obvious that a person has done some research on our company before crafting his or her pitch, it’s easier to envision that candidate working in our Denver Connections office.

• Respectful Attitudes: Giving each potential hire a tour of our workspace helps us learn a lot about the applicants for each job. It’s our hope that all prospective team members treat everyone they meet with respect. We wait to see this before we commit to any hiring decisions.

These are a few key focal points of our interview process. For more on our hiring efforts, like Denver Connections on Facebook.