Strategically Using Our Voices

We’re working to become stronger public speakers around the Denver Connections office. The way we use our voices is a big part of appearing confident on stage, so we’ve been applying the following vocal strategies to make our speeches more compelling:

• Steady Rhythm: We do whatever we can to avoid speaking too quickly, which is a common result of nervous energy. We’ve found that taking brief pauses or deep breaths at key points in our speeches are ideal ways to maintain a steady pace. Our listeners will get more out of our presentations if they don’t have to worry about keeping up with us.

• Appropriate Volume: Speaking too loudly or softly are also things we try to prevent. Using a voice just above our normal speaking range seems to be the best approach for being heard without coming off as overly aggressive.

• Confident Tone: The actual tones of our voices can make a big impact on how we’re perceived by listeners. Many speakers lapse into using higher pitches as they end sentences, which is known as up-speak and diminishes a person’s authority. We do our best to maintain lower tones during our Denver Connections presentations so that we project ample confidence.

These vocal techniques are helping us improve our public speaking proficiency.