Techniques for Harnessing Team Competition

Culture is a powerful tool at Denver Connections. Our management team has worked hard to foster an environment that supports both individual and group success. We also have a healthy sense of competition between our people. Here are a few strategies for achieving this dynamic:

• Find the Right Spot: Before anything else, you need to understand the level of competition that is just right for your team. Competitiveness can lead to new ideas and harder work. However, too much can cause tension between people. Knowing the right balance is the first step to success.

• Encourage Team Building: Part of the reason for Denver Connections’ successful culture is our team-building efforts. We bring our people together to socialize and get closer. This builds bonds that can support competition while keeping things friendly.

• Keep It Simple: Innovation is a valuable thing. It is usually best when it is kept simple and efficient, because complexities serve as distractions. Encourage people to think of both new ideas and ways to be more focused. Simplicity should be part of your competitive mind-set.

• Fund Ideas: Offer resources to people who have good ideas. Being as egalitarian and forward-thinking as possible will help incentivize people to be competitive without feeling as if they are against each other.

These techniques will foster a culture that harnesses positive competition. Follow Denver Connections on Facebook to discover more.