A Texas Trip to Remember

The Dallas Top Leaders Conference was a rewarding event for our top Denver Connections leaders. Yulma, our firm’s President, brought several top performers with her to the heart of Texas, where the potential for learning and networking was off the charts. The conference, which took place on the weekend of February 9-10, was just the latest of our many exciting travel events.

There were all kinds of accomplished people at the Dallas event, so we were happy to expand our Denver Connections contact lists. As we interacted with the sharpest minds in our business, we gained more confidence in our communication skills. We developed a deeper respect for our firm’s unique place in the innovative marketing world.

Traveling with our colleagues also allows us to build stronger personal connections. Learning together is one of the best ways to forge tighter bonds. When we listen to inspiring keynote speeches and receive hands-on training, we equip ourselves for better teamwork back at the office.

We explore everything a city has to offer when we attend big industry events. Through dinner outings and visits to all kinds of local attractions, we learn more about each other’s interests and passions. We also discuss future projects in laid-back settings, which sets the stage for innovative product campaigns.

There’s always another Denver Connections team travel event on the horizon. Like us on Facebook to receive updates on our excursions.