The Most Promotable Qualities

Clear pathways to advancement define our Denver Connections culture. We know what we need to do to reach the next levels of our careers. Just as importantly, we also know what skills and attributes we need to develop to reach our professional goals. Here are a few things we’re working on as we chase our career aspirations.

Communication skills are vital for attaining regular promotions, so we’re committed to improving in this area. We’re getting better at sharing our visions for future success with colleagues and supervisors alike. Listening is also an essential element of strong communication, which is why we’re more dedicated than ever to understanding and empathizing with others.

Those who advance in their careers are adept at stretching beyond their current skill sets. This has become a way of life around Denver Connections HQ. We feel empowered to take calculated risks and challenge ourselves to reach high benchmarks. There’s always something new to learn, no matter what outcomes we achieve.

We also understand the importance of effective self-promotion when it comes to reaching our career goals. With that in mind, we’re keeping track of our achievements so we can make stronger cases for ourselves when promotions are available.

We’re keeping these points in mind as we work toward our goals.