Travel Adventures That Build Alliances and Results

Once again, individuals from our Denver Connections office will be headed out to visit a new location and meet people in a different office. Yulma, our President, is pleased that we have numerous travel opportunities for our team members to expand their careers.

For this most recent trip, Ashley Mulvihill and Megan Kerssen were selected to visit other offices. Ashley, an established leader with our organization, is in the process of transferring to Pittsburgh, where she’ll assume a key role in a new venture. She recently returned to Denver to help Megan, one of our newest leaders, assimilate to her position. The pair traveled to Arizona for a week-long trip, during which time they were able to bond outside of our office environment as Ashley passed the torch to Megan.

As MacKenize, our admin, noted, there are many benefits to team travel:

• Gain New Skills and Leadership: Every excursion is another opportunity for our people to learn from experts in other regions. They also get to put their leadership abilities to the test. For example, as team members venture out, they need to be organized, keep pace, and focus outside of the office.

• Build Stronger Rapports With Colleagues: When members of Team Denver Connections embark on business travel, they tend to move in pairs or trios. Since it might take several hours to arrive at a destination, it’s a chance for them to become better acquainted.

• Networking: Each trip means we encounter new people with whom we can connect and develop working relationships that will last our careers.

It won’t be long before another person is tapped for travel, with Megan taking the lead. Check out our Denver Connections Newswire for information on upcoming trips.