We Travel to Learn and Grow

Travel opportunities abound for members of Team Denver Connections. As we expand our horizons by visiting new places, we also gain valuable insights and business contacts. Through these travel benefits, we develop clearer plans for our professional futures by seeing the bigger picture of what’s possible in our industry.

As we build our contact lists during travel events, we keep a few simple strategies in mind. One thing we always try to do is provide some kind of unique value to a potential connection. Something as simple as a book recommendation is enough to set the stage for a productive relationship.

We also remember that everyone can provide some kind of value as a network connection. Even if a person is at a relatively low career level, he or she may be linked to some influential people. As we expand our Denver Connections contact lists, we make a point of learning from everyone we encounter. We often find that unexpected benefits emerge as a result.

Following up with new contacts is another key element of any good networking strategy. We make sure to send a message within a day or two of meeting someone, but we also check in regularly to maintain strong bonds.

These methods help us maximize the networking potential of every business trip. Follow Denver Connections on Twitter for more of our best contacting tips.