We Win When We Work Together

One of the most important features of our Denver Connections office environment is our team spirit. We recognize and applaud individual achievement, but we also reward those who encourage teamwork and help their team members succeed.

Our supportive environment complements the competitive compensation we offer to our new hires. We want novice associates to focus on learning our methods and values, not money, so we pay them while they are part of our training program. Once the program is successfully completed, they are ready to be promoted into a variety of leadership positions.

To maintain Denver Connections’ team-oriented environment, we use a few different strategies. For example, we have frequent team nights that get our associates out of the office together to have fun and get to know one another. When we’re away from work and our professional roles, we learn more about each other. This leads to greater camaraderie and communication back at the office.

We make a point of having fun at the office, too. We’ll post pictures of our team outings in conspicuous places to remind us of how good a time we have together, and we always make sure to denote birthdays and significant milestones.

When one of us wins, it’s a win for us all: this is the attitude that unifies us. Learn more about how we build our team by following Denver Connections on Twitter.